Arcane Spell List

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See the Spell Description for further details.

Unresistable Resistable Spell Dependant

General Mage Spells Elemental Illusion Necromancy Sorcery
Banish Burn Blur Cause Fear Blasphemy
Bind - Level 4+ Drown Charm Person Control Undead Fumble
Cause Wounds Earthquake – Level 2+ Feeblemind Drain Life - Level 2+ Knock Down
Cocoon Lay Roots Haunted Gaze Halt Undead Magic Wall – Level 2+
Curse Pin Invisibility - Level 5+ Lay to Rest Shatter – Level 3+
Dispel Magic Sunburst – Level 2+ Shadow Form Raise Zombie Spell Shield
Enchant Weapon Restore Undead
Extinguish Light - Level 3+
Fire Bolt
Ice Floor
Magic Lock
Magic Mirror - Level 4+
Strengthen Item - Level 2+
Spirit Walk
Sure Footing