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Disclaimer: Any discrepancies between the wiki and the physical copy of the Rulebook, the Rulebook takes precedent!!

Quick Primer

A player character in Twilight Realms is an exceptionally gifted individual who can call upon a range of skills and abilities to survive and prosper in a hostile world.

The average person could take a single blow before they are severely wounded. If an arm or leg is hit – it cannot be used, if the torso is hit then you would fall unconscious and begin to die. Specially trained individuals such as our heroes, soldiers, and monsters go above this simple view of things. A fighter would be trained to take more punishment before going down - so he could take more blows. He would learn how to fight in armour, with shields and using a variety of weapons. Perhaps a more roguish character would learn more stealthy abilities. Furthermore, the choices you make for your character, and the developments they make over extended play, will make you tougher or more powerful in other ways. These gifted individuals begin with more advanced skills than the average peasant or lord. They focus on special areas of learning, defining themselves as a unique class of person.

All beings in Twilight Realms are based around this core idea and the unique skills of your hero make them important to the events of the world.

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