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Your “class” is your character's occupation or role in life. These occupations fall under one of five primary classes: fighter, mage, rogue, ranger or priest.


A hardened individual who is trained in combat and war. Fighters may have emerged from professions, such as; guards, mercenaries, soldiers, pit-fighters and brothel-bouncers. Alternatively,fighters may have gained their skills through specific wakes of life; like barbarians, roughens, paladins and raiders.


A student of magic, who draws their power from the land. Mage’s are constantly learning how to channel Arcane energy in more powerful and efficient ways. They’re often scholars and mage’s focus on four primary fields – elemental magic, Illusionism, necromancy or sorcery.


These nimble individuals are highly skilled in a vast range of areas. Their practical skills make them suitable for many professions, whilst desirable candidates for jobs that require stealth over brawn. The rogue is adaptable, careful and always learning.


Rangers are often hunters or skilled woodsman. They have grown accustomed to the natural world, living with and off the land. Whilst living wild, they develop a keen perception and hardy nature, equipping them with a range of desirable traits. Nonetheless, rangers are reluctant to leave the relative safety of their natural habitat and venture into the, so called, “civilised” world.


The world of Tempress has seven established gods and many followers. Priests devote themselves to the path of their deity, bringing their values to others in return for Divine power. These Divine followers demonstrate their faith in a variety of ways, and frequently get into conflict with other priests.