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This is a guide to the roles and expectations set for MPCs.

  • The primary role of the backroom team is to facilitate an enjoyable experience for the Players.
  • Obviously, we want everyone to have a good time but in order for an event to function effectively it is essential the backroom team fulfils their role.
  • Generally, we ask our backroom team to wear dark, plain costume; this way, you’re ready for whatever costume your asked to wear. If you have a problem with masks or face paint you must tell us in advance so we can allocate your roles appropriately. Bring layers, gloves and sensible footwear because when you are waiting in the forest the Player’s may take the wrong path.
  • The role of any type of none-player character is to interact with the Players. This can be in a number of ways: imparting information; beating them up; giving them horrible moral decisions; or making them run for their lives. The universal factor is that your jobs is to provide an experience. If the Player’s didn’t see you at all – you’ve probably done it wrong.
  • Make the Player’s work for information; give your character’s realistic behaviour, motives and suspicions. Then, provide a situation that encourages them to ask questions about what you know.
  • Use the stats that you’re given. If you’re unsure always presume your character is weaker than you think and then ask a Ref as soon as possible.
  • Be ready. We never know what the Players are going to do. So, if we give you a timeline be ready for your role and if we run in suddenly shouting ‘Zombies’ get yourself ready to go as soon as possible.
  • The Refs are very busy. Please be aware that they are juggling thousands of tasks simultaneously before asking whether you should wear the off-white or cream robe.
  • Keep your stuff tidy! You are responsible for all of your belongings and you should be careful leaving them in the communal areas.
  • Keep our stuff tidy! Put things back in the correct boxes, try to avoid leaving things on the floor and show respect for the props and costumes that everyone has to use. If something gets broken let a Ref know so that we’re aware it needs replacing or fixing.
  • Be mindful of where the players are, when you’re waiting in the backroom keep your volume down and avoid talking about important plot points. Often, the players will be just over the hill immersed in a tense scenario and its your job to keep them tense.
  • You will be asked to run around, dress sets, find people, do make up and do a number of out-of-character duties that make everything run smoothly.
  • Always keep in mind the experience you would like to receive if you were a Player and let that inform your role as an MPC.
  • Everyone is answerable to the Refs; their decision is final and they reserve the right remove someone from the game at any point.