Shepherd of Garr

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  • Name: Shepherd of Garr
  • Nationality: Equilian
  • Description: About 6', closely cropped salt an pepper hair colouring and blue eyes. Usually wears black robes with a holy symbol of Garr.
  • Demeanor: Fanatical in his worship of Garr and whilst he acknowledges the existence of the other 5 gods and their qualities his focus and fervour is completely to Garr and fulfilling what he considers to be Garr's commandments. His beliefs are that if anything with a soul dies it should remain dead, after the spirit has passed it becomes Garr's for either distribution to their god of choice whilst living, if deemed worthy by that god where that soul will revel in that gods loving embrace. Any soul that is rejected spends eternity being continually punished by Garr. Any creature without a soul is an abomination and should be destroyed, anything that creates a creature without a soul should also be destroyed. Those that are true believer's of the gods have nothing to fear from any priest of Garr, those that don't believe in the gods need to be educated before their death so as not to suffer in the afterlife.

  • Diary Entries
    • Black Heart: So go out into the world Shepherd they said to me, Brindle might be a good place to take the word of Garr they said. Bloody Unliving EVERYWHERE!!! Now I appreciate a challenge but this was ridiculous.
      • First Night
        • Firstly we meet up with our guide to take us to our resting place, no one could remember his name so we called him Gary. Just as we met him there was this awful screeching whistling sound and everyone I was traveling with makes a mad dash into the undergrowth, I'm a little confused and do the same. The sound passes after a while and everyone starts emerging from their hiding places, I'm still non the wiser what happened and no one really gives me an explanation.
        • We then travel through a wooded area where we see fire light, non of the armoured lot with us wanted to approach it so I forge ahead all be it quite timidly. Truns out it's a group of gypsy's who are quite hospitable but seem a little dodgy. After some discussion with them, one of our group buys a Magic object from them to keep away the monsters, this is the first I've heard of monsters, what has Garr gotten me into??
        • We eventually see our lodgings for the night, never a more unwelcoming spooky place would you see, we approach cautiously and I spot some movement inside, taking hold of my symbol of Garr I approach hello I squeak, not wishing to draw the attention of any of those monsters they have talked about. Eventually after quite a bit of faffing about deciding who should enter we all go in and discover some of my traveling companions friends that arrived here up earlier. They warn us of creatures in some of the rooms of the building, again after faffing about people organise themselves with the armoured ones at the from and open one of the doors, out shambles what looks like a very ill Helventican guard. Now having successfully completed my Know your Unliving class, this is obviously a abomination that needs to be destroyed, so that's what you would have thought they would have done, ohh no they want to question it, luckily this one is bereft of any intelligence so they dispatch it quite quickly. After some investigation it appears so be some vampire hybrid, when no one is looking I quickly lay it to rest, we don't want it getting back up again do we and Garr will look after them!
        • So the plan is to kill off the rest of the creatures, however this turns out to be like cat herding, no one is concentrating on which one should be killed first and so lots of them are set free and it becomes a free for all, the more sensible ones of us take residence in one of the rooms whose previous occupant had been sent to Garr
    • White Gate
    • Shard